Joe Klunder Launches Challenge to Improve Global Education

Posted on November 27, 2015

Irvine, CA – International teacher Joe Klunder launched the Joe Klunder Education Challenge which aims to challenge all people to come up with innovative and new ideas to help spread the value of education to people all over the world, especially to those who want to study but don’t have enough money to attain formal education. The only needed requirement to join this challenge is pen and paper. This idea has a big potential to become a new way and platform to reach new students and bring in the necessary resources to make education easier and accessible.

Joe Klunder’s idea on launching Education Challenge “I agree and believe teaching English as a second language to students around the world will help bring this world closer together”, Joe Klunder said in an interview. Joe and people like him aim to make a big impact in education by connecting people around the world. His idea is to build a platform on the web that will combine useful and relevant features from similar websites. You can sponsor many different teachers, like you would on a GoFundMe site. Students can post their reviews of the teachers and comments. Future students will take these ratings into consideration when reviewing their profile.

Joe, together with those people like him do good things in the world of education and they are continuously working to reach out to the world of education beyond their own and help other people who don’t have the right amount of resources to reciprocate the effort.

Visit the the official website of Joe Klunder Education Challenge to find more and see how you can help those who are in need. Always keep in mind what many people don’t have in this world; there is something people can do for them. All the things that you can do depend upon your willingness to help. When you get involved with the Joe Klunder Education Challenge, you will not only help others but you can also have fun. Here is a Youtube video where Joe explains more details about the challenge.

For media inquiries contact: Joe Klunder