Joe Klunder’s Research Used In “The Fiske Guide to Colleges, 2017”

Posted on September 1, 2016

I just did some research on “The Fiske Guide to Colleges, 2017”.  To acknowledge my research, writing, and editing skills, author Edward “Ted” Fiske cited me in the acknowledgements.  While this is a very minor role, among hundreds of other guest editors, etc. I am very delighted to be part of a project I believe in, and can show off.

Providing a clearer sense of the UC System

More broadly, this project relates to how I like to search for answers, and disseminate truth for the public consumption.  I loved being able to do investigative fact finding about California Colleges, specifically the UC Schools.  This data could then be edited over again for clarity.  Hopefully, readers will have a clearer sense of the UC system, and even be willing to come to me for questions.

Continued work for global education

More broadly, I still want to revamp the “Joe Klunder Education Challenge.”  Having had publications in the Daily Pilot (Los Angeles Times) and other smaller publications for other unrelated things in the past, I would love to get some positive publicity.  Global education fascinates me.  In the same way as a military person is a soldier first, and can use a rifle, I believe that a teacher should first have training in direct methods of instruction, even though K-3 as Project Follow Through did, then be able to specialize into Project Based Learning, Constructivism, language teaching, community service and health care, and all the myriad things a good teacher learners.  Hopefully, the prestige of the profession goes up, as a good teacher can wear the hat of many additional jobs, such as a student, health care and first aid provider, athletic coach, referral service, and many other hats.  In my opinion, a teacher’s salary should double, and many of the world’s problems would be solved.

Thank you again, Edward Fiske, for giving me a voice to be heard.  However, I think this book will be nothing compared to Destination College by Rachel Winston.