Decide To Be A Person Who Makes A Difference

Posted on July 28, 2015

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.”GABRIELLE “COCO” CHANEL

It’s no secret that French Fashion Designer, Coco Chanel made an indelible mark in this world. She was classy and innovative and made a staple in women’s fashion. During the 20th century, she broke all the rules and created hats, perfumes, and the infamous little black dress. Fast forward to present day, and you can see her glitzed out double C logo on everything from handbags, earrings, tennis racquets and more.

She embodies the significance of the quote listed above because she aspired to be someone instead of something. Of course, she could have created a remarkable brand that didn’t bear her name. However, she wanted to make a huge difference in this world. And she did. Simply put, all your troubles and worries seem minuscule when you stop trying to be a household name—and actually be someone who can create a difference and enforce positive change in the world. In a nutshell, when you focus on becoming the person you are meant to be, you realize that everything you once worried about is not really that important.

For individuals, making a difference doesn’t require money. Giving a small amount of time can result in a positive impact. Imagine what could be accomplished if a percentage of the world’s population volunteered only one hour each month towards doing good. In contrast to individuals, for profit organizations often have more finances than a single person to give back and a business doesn’t need to be a major corporation with it’s own non-profit to do so; all it takes for one of the 28 million small businesses to donate time or money is finding a worthy cause and often a little creativity. For example, the local business, Loden Vision Centers helped meet the needs of Nashville Inner City Ministry by donating 70 backpacks with over 1,700 school supplies for their Academic Day Camp.